Complete Listing of SMT Spare Parts for nearly all makes and models of Surface Mount Technology Equipment

Makes include:
Fuji, Panasonic, Universal, Siemens, Mydata, Assembleon, Heller, BTU, Dek, MPM, Speedline, Electrovert and Vitronics


Monitors & Displays

MFG Part Number OEMPartNumber Description
PANADAC932L-F02-B2 N1P932LF02B Panasonic Main Control Panel
PANADAC932L-F041-B2 N1P932LF41B2 Panasonic Rear Control Panel
PANADAC932L-E02-A2 932L-E02-A2 Panasonic Control Console
CH-N9742VGZ CH-N9742VGZ Victor Data Systems Color Monitor
NT30C-ST141-V1 NT30C-ST141-V1 Omron Touchscreen Display Screen
10-VMB-300 10-VMB 300 Sanyo TPM-5000 Display Monitor
UT3-E1AE-D 630 068 6432 Sanyo TIM-5100 LCD Display Monitor
MCO515AS-2D E2765B31 Toshiba Monochrome 5.5in Monitor
P11-314DR P11-314DR CTC Touchscreen Monitor
HMI 520-005 HMI 520-005 Maple Systems Graphic Touchscreen Terminal
GP-BM910K 302585004003 Panasonic MV2F Video TV Monitor
753-1-420D 753-1-420D Myrron L Company Digital Resistivity Monitor
113551 113551 DEK 265 Mark 1 Color Monitor
EA7-S6C-08X10B026 EA7-S6C-08X10B026 Automation Direct 6in. Touch Monitor
LC-10P1SL-FS T41224 Victor Data Systems LCD Color Monitor
AEEBN-2000 AEEBN-2000 Fuji LCD Replacement Monitor Kit
ME-961DZ ME-961DZ Victor Data Systems Display Monitor
DCGC-0470 UT3-FKS1-A Fuji CP-7 Rear Parts Monitor
NS10-TV00B-V1 NS10-TV00B-V2 OMRON Interactive Touch Screen Display Monitor
TM104-FJ12 T4119N Fuji QP-3 LCD Monitor
WV-BM990 WV-BM990 Panasonic Monochrome Video Monitor
UF5310-2 AEEBN-2000 Digital LCD Monitor
ZM-92T ZM-92T Fuji GP-551 Color Display
CH-9742VG CH-9742VG Victor Data Systems Color Monitor
LC-10P4SL-FS T41227 Victor Data Systems LCD Color Monitor
KDT 633 633.001.60 Ersa Kuhnke Control Panel
133915 133915 DEK 265 GSX Color Monitor
133914 133914 DEK Monochrome Fiducial Camera Monitor
113552 113552 DEK 265 Monochrome Fiducial Monitor
139099 139099 DEK 5.7 inch Monochrome Fiducial Monitor
DRM-A DRM-A 8" LCD Replacement Monitor Kit for DEK 265 GSX Screen Printers
FRM-A FRM-A 8in. LCD Replacement Monitor Kit for Fuji SMT Equipment
ME-7612-FS ME-7612-FS Victor Data Systems Display Monitor
ETL121C-7SWA-1 ETL121C-7SWA-1 ELO Touchsystems Monitor for DEK Screen Printer
SIQ-8342 ST100TP05-FJ Fuji IP 3 MTU Control Panel
CDT956B-3 KE CDT956B-3 KE Totoku Electric Color Display Monitor
D7MR-63B D7MR-63B Toshiba CRT Display Module E96991
FIPIII-MTU FIPIII-MTU Fuji IP III MTU Display Box and Keypad
CG-9702-FS CG-9702-FS Victor Data Systems Color Display Monitor
CG-N9712-FS T4123L Victor Data Systems Color Display Monitor
CE-9702-FS CE-9702-FS Victor Data Systems Color Display Monitor
ME-7612 ME-7612 Victor Data Systems 12VDC Display Monitor
CDT-922B-5 CDT-922B-5 Fuji IP 2 Color Display Monitor
CDT956B-3 HE CDT956B-3 HE TOTOKU Display Monitor 9