Complete Listing of SMT Spare Parts for nearly all makes and models of Surface Mount Technology Equipment

Makes include:
Fuji, Panasonic, Universal, Siemens, Mydata, Assembleon, Heller, BTU, Dek, MPM, Speedline, Electrovert and Vitronics


Feeder Parts

MFG Part Number OEMPartNumber Description
0935C-0357 0935C-0357 Universal Instruments Reel Tension Arm
040A-S00 040A-S00 Universal Instruments GSM Feeder Window Latch
10485S0004 10485S0004 Panasonic Feeder Sprocket Wheel
FH1203C1F FH1203C1F Fuji NXT Feeder Control Board
45264302 45264302 Universal Instruments 44 PLCC Vibe Track
46636402 46707802 Universal Instruments 20L SOIC Vibe Track
46636602 46708002 Universal Instruments 44 PLCC Vibe Track
46636701 46708101 Universal Instruments 20 PLCC Vibe Track
46636403 45289303 Universal Instruments 24L SOIC Vibe Track
101613650402 101613650402 Panasonic 32MM Reel Holder Pin
1015620106 1015620106 Panasonic Feeder Ratchet Spring
1016135516 1016135516 Panasonic Reel Holder Pin 24MM
102243417901 102243417901 Panasonic Reel Pin Holder
1015787068 1015787068 Panasonic Reel Holder Pin
1018551952 1018551952 Panasonic Adjustable Claw
1016133111 1016133111 Panasonic Reel Holder Pin
8062006S02 8062006S02 Panasonic Lever Set With Pin
101494320502 494320502 Panasonic Tape Guide
101494420501 101494420501 Panasonic Tape Guide
1015768-0001 1015768-0001 Panasonic Tape Guide
10498S0067 10498S-0067 PanasonicTape Guide
1014916-0000 1014916-0000 Panasonic Tape Guide
1014944-0000 1014944-0000 PanasonicTape Guide
1014915-0000 1014915-0000 Panasonic Tape Guide
AKJAC-9090 AKJAC-9090 Fuji 8MM Tape Leaf Cover
AMCB-4400 AMCB-4403 Fuji 12MM 3.7 Tape Leaf Cover
AKJAC-9080 AKJAC-9080 Fuji 8MM Tape Cover
AKJBC-7050 AKJBC-7050 Fuji 12MM Tape Cover
048C-002 048C-002 Hover Davis Feeder Control Board
44711504 44711504 Universal Instruments GSM 12x4 Index Kit
ABFCF-3300 ABFCF-3304 Fuji CP-6 32MM Tape Cover
AWCA-5200 AWCA-5200 Fuji CP-6 1.8 Tape Leaf Cover
AWCA-5100 AWCA-5100 Fuji CP-6 1.3 Tape Leaf Cover
10488S0425 10488S0425 Panasonic 32x16 Tape Guide
10488S0422 10488S0422 Panasonic Tape Guide
381C-023 381C-023 Universal Instruments 44MM Drive Motor
550C-088 550C-088 Universal Instruments GSM 8mm Outside Hub
LPC-0330 LPC-0330 Fuji Feeder E Clip
GPC-1600 GPC-1600 Fuji Feeder Waste Tape Roller
MCA-0290 MCA-0290 Fuji CP Feeder Spocket Pin
CVJ5D12-01-0034US CVJ5D12-01-0034US SMC Air Cylinder
AIPC-2142 AIPC-2140 Fuji CP4 12x8 Tape Leaf Cover
45432810 45432810 Universal GSM 16x16 Tape Peeler
44219514 44219514 Universal Instruments 4MM Cam Plate
44041304 44041304 Universal Instruments 4MM Index Wheel
040C-101 040C-101 Universal Instruments Take Up Wheel Belt
45207303 45207303 Universal Instruments Feeder Index Wheel
45432910 45432910 Universal Instruments GSM 44x16 Tape Peeler
45037203 45037203 Universal Instruments Feeder Guide Cam
45289301 46636401 Universal Instruments GSM Vibe Feeder Track
46636502 46636502 Universal Instruments GSM Vibe Feeder Track
45221201 46636501 Universal Instruments GSM Vibe Feeder Track
45045002 45045002 Universal Instruments GSM Feeder Guide
ALPC-8040 ALPC-8041 Fuji CP-3 8mm Tape Cover
ALPC-8150 ALPC8150 Fuji CP-3 Reel Assembly
CVJ5D12-G0551-65 44601706 Universal GSM Feeder Air Cylinder
CVJ5D12-G0500-65 44601704 SMC Air Cylinder For GSM Feeders
45037206 45037201 Universal GSM Cam Guide
44837001 44837001 Universal GSM Shaft Retainer
CVJ5D12-UIA970124 CVJ5D12-UIA970124 SMC Air Cylinder
45015305 45015305 Universal Insturments 16-24MM Tape Guide
44219513 44219513 Universal Instruments 20MM Cam Plate
46223001 46223001 Universal Instruments GSM Gold Short Pin
44428002 44428002 Universal Instruments Gold Contact Probe
45432915 45432915 Universal Instruments 32x8mm Tape Peeler Cover
45432907 45432907 Universal Instruments 44x36 Tape Peeler Cover
45432912 45432912 Universal Insturments 44x24mm Tape Peeler Cover
45432902 45432902 Universal Instruments 32x16 Tape Peeler Cover
45432901 45432901 Universal Instruments 32x12 Peeler Tape Cover
45432807 45432807 Universal Instruments 24x16 Tape Cover
0935C-0378 0935C-0378 Universal Instruments Extended Reel Pin
0935A-0325 0935A-0325 Universal Instruments 44MM Reel Pin
5322-693-11306 5322-693-11306 Philips Bulk Feeder Cassette
N210157019AA N210157019AA Panasonic Steel Tape Leaf Cover
00349418S02 00349418-02 Siemens Tape Support for 3x8MM Feeders
00345356S01 00345356-01 Siemens Feeder Cable
00322274-02 00322274S02 Siemens Tape Clip For 24mm Feeders
CE24-02-08588 CE24-02-08588 Universal Instruments RPC Control Board
CE24-02-04859 CE24-02-04859 Universal Instruments Input Cable Assembly
550C-093 550C-093 Universal Instruments Take Up Wheen Washer
104959951302 10495S0044 Panasonic Feeder Cable With Connector
558A-011B 558A-012 Universal GSM Feeder Control Board
558A-008 0748A-0003 Universal Instruments PSV Cable
10488S0017 10488S0017 Panasonic Tape Guide
1048810-0004 1048810-0004 Panasonic Take Up Wheel
0938A-0015 0938A-0015 Universal Instruments Gold 12MM Control Panel
0938A-3000 0938A-3000 Universal Instruments Gold Feeder Controller
0938A-4000 0938A-0014 Universal Instruments Gold Feeder Control Board
0938A-5000 0938A-0014D Universal Instruments Gold Feeder Controller Board
00353080-02 00353080-02 Siemens Distributor Board
00341747-02 00341747S02 Siemens Counterplate with Pressed-In Pins
00353121-01 00353121S01 Siemens Distributor Board
00322446-01 00322446S01 Siemens Rocker 2 Feeder Assembly
00373243-01 00373243-01 Siemens Distributor PCB
00322445-02 00322445S02 Siemens Rocker Assembly
00322447-01 00322447S01 Siemens Rocker 2 Assembly
00373244-01 00373244-01 Siemens Distributor PCB for 3x8mm Feeder
00344109-04 00344109S04 Siemens Feeder Hub Magnet
00345355-02 00345355S02 Siemens Control Board for 3x8mm Feeders
MXN-W4-1880 00322513-02 Siemens Drive Unit
1015639-0002 156390002 Panasonic Tape Guide
4920075S06 4920075S06 Panasonic Tape Guide
10157S0011 10157S0011 Panasonic Wheel
1015624-0001 1015624-0001 Panasonic 24mm Tape Guide
1014914-0002 1014914-0002 Panasonic Tape Guide
1018553812 1018553812 Panasonic Guide
101576420502 101576420502 Panasonic Tape Guide
5786037SD07 5786037SD07 Panasonic Link Set
5786037SE03 5786037SE03 Panasonic Link Set
9892075K01 9892075K01 Panasonic Tape Guide
5629079S02 5629079S02 Panasonic Tape Guide
5786037SB07 5786037SB07 Panasonic Link Set
1014918-0000 4918-0000 Panasonic Tape Guide
6134037SB 6134037SB Panasonic Link Set
00116431-01 00116431-01 Siemens Matrix Tray Carrier
00322181-03 00322181S03 Siemens Spring Base
00323208-04 00323208S04 Siemens 24-32mm Tape Cover Pickup Window
00141204-01 00141204-01 Siemens 3x8mm Reel Holder
231871 00350835S01 Siemens 44mm Strip Removal Motor
L-19-197 L-19-197 Mydata TMC Tape Solenoid Connector
00342023-04 00342023S04 Siemens Pick Up Window Complete Assembly
00345183-011 00345183S01 Siemens Feeder Control Panel Assembly
00344109-05 00344109S05 Siemens Feeder Hub Magnet
00351602-01 00351602S01 Siemens Feeder Drive Motor Left Assembly
00325696-01 00325696S01 Siemens Feeder Control Panel Assembly
03060695-03 03060695S03 Siemens Splice Sensor
1049203-0002 1049203-0002 Panasonic Tape Guide
1015627-0000 1015627-0000 Panasonic Tape Guide
1015786-0036 1015786-0036 Panasonic MPA 56MM Feeder Link Set
1014914-0003 492404001 Panasonic 56MM Tape Guide
101491904001 4919040 Panasonic 44mm Tape Guide
101575920502 575920502 Panasonic 24x12 Tape Guide
101562907602 562907602 Panasonic 32MM Tape Guide
101562407501 562407501 Panasonic 24MM Tape Guide
4914140 4914140 Panasonic 56x12 Tape Guide
101613551902 101613551902 Panasonic Feeder Pin
102381000403 102381000403 Panasonic Feeder Hook
X708106 X708106 Panasonic MSH Feeder Lever
10492-000001 10492-000001 Panasonic MSH 8X2 Tape Guide
102381022502 102381022502 Panasonic Feeder Lever
X70825917S X70825917S Panasonic 8X2 Tape Retainer
X70825207 X70825207 Panasonic Feeder Roller
1049201051 1049201051 Panasonic MSH Feeder Tape Guide
0135091K03 0135091K03 Panasonic MSH 16x8 Tape Guide
0134061K09 0134061K09 Panasonic Tape Guide
0889261K06 0889261K03 Panasonic Feeder Lever Set
1029802-0007 1029802-0007 Panasonic Feeder Embossed Tape Guide
10492-000000 10492-000000 Panasonic Feeder Ratchet Set
1048810-0002 1048810-0002 Panasonic Wheel Ratchet Set
380A-S46 380A-S46 Hover Davis Splice Mount Assembly
252328 380C-091 Hover Davis DC Motor With Pinion
BFCC-0120 BFCC-0124 Fuji BFE Series 16MM Reel Cap
10488S0371AB 10488S0371AB Panasonic 8X4 Tape Leaf Cover
382C-006 382C-006 Hover Davis 16MM Tape Window
10488S0520AB 9000035186 Panasonic MPAV2 8x2 Tape Guide
104979818002 104979818002 Panasonic Feeder Guide Block
10488S0514AB 10488S0514AB Panasonic MPAV2 8x4 Tape Guide
388A-005 388A-005 Hover Davis Pogo Block Cable
10488S0357 10488S0357 Panasonic 8MM Take Up Wheel
10488S0605 10488S0605 Panasonic 12MM Take Up Wheel
104881608803 104881608803 Panasonic 44MM Take Up Reel
1048818-0006 1048818-0006 Panasonic 8MM Ratchet Take Up
1048812-0003 1048812-0003 Panasonic 12MM Take Up Wheel
385C-006 505-11325 Hover Davis 44MM Tape Window
KHEH-1310 KHEH-1310 Fuji KDE Feeder Harness Cable
418C-001D 418C-001D Hover Davis QP2F Control Board
108A-025 108A-025 Hover Davis Interface Cable
108A-030 108A-030 Hover Davis Feeder Interface Cable
AKDHC-6510 AKDHC-6510 Fuji KDE 56mm Take Up Reel
TS3118N70 AKDCC-6070 Fuji KDE Step Motor
TS3118N66 AKDBC-6060 Fuji KDE Feeder Step Motor
108C-014 108C-014 Hover Davis MPF Control Board
048A-009 048A-009 Hover Davis Sensor Cable
104A-S18 104A-S18 Hover Davis 32MM Reel Pin Assembly
102A-S18 102A-S18 Hover Davis 16MM Reel Pin Assembly
106A-S18 106A-S18 Hover Davis 56MM Reel Pin Assembly
CVJ5D12-01-0033US CVJ5D12-01-0033US SMC Air Cylinder
AMCA-4200 AMCA-4201 Fuji CP-6 1.0MM Tape Leaf Cover
44976203 44976203 Universal GSM Matrix Tray Platform
AMCA-4401 AMCA-4401 Fuji CP-6 1.8mm Tape Leaf Cover
WCB-0050 WCB-0052 Fuji 12MM Feeder Pin
AWCA-3800 AWCA-3803 Fuji CP-6 Embossed Feeder Link Clutch
MCD-0260 MCD-0260 Fuji Feeder Outer Reel Cap
MPF856-PS MPF856-PS Hover Davis Power Supply Unit
630 039 301 630039301 Universal Instruments HSP Lever Ratchet Click
47166801 47166801 Universal GSM 16 Slot Feeder Bank
101613550704 101613550704 Panasonic MV2F K Type 24MM Take Up Wheel
550C-015 550C-015 Universal GSM Takeup Gear
551A-S15 551A-S15 Universal Precision Pro 12mm Inner Hub Assembly
550A-S15 550A-S15 Universal Precision Pro 8mm Inner Hub Assembly
45635602 45635602 Universal GSM Fixed Pitch 16MM Scrap Guide
44579401 44579401 Universal GSM Fixed Pitch Coupling M
44579403 44579403 Universal GSM Fixed Pitch Coupling O-Ring
558A-006 558A-006 Universal GSM Feeder Power Cable
550C-021 550C-021 Universal GSM Peel Arm Bushing
0730A-0021 0730A-0021 Universal Precision Pro Peel Edge Assembly
0930C-0207 0930C-0207 Universal Spliceable Precision Pro 8MM Reservoir Door
551A-S16 551A-S16 Universal Precision Pro 12mm Outer Reel
0742A-0040 0742A-0040 Universal Precision Pro Reel Tension Large Arm Assembly
0930C-0295 0930C-0295 Universal Precision Pro Idler Arm Spring Mount
0743C-0111 0743C-0111 Universal Precision Pro 24MM Reel Pin
0730A-0051 0730A-0051 Universal HP Gold Plus Right Handed Tensioner Assembly
0741C-0111 0741C-0111 Universal Precision Pro 12MM Reel Pin
030C-050 030C-050 Univsersal GSM Reel Retainer
550C-003 550C-003 Universal Precision Pro Deep Exit Cover
550C-089 550C-089 Universal Precision Pro Take Up Wheel Button
0938A-0007 0938A-0007 Universal HP Gold Plus I/O Cable Slim
0740C-0109 0740C-0109 Universal Precision Pro Tail Pivot
0730A-0050 0730A-0050 Universal HP Gold Plus Left Handed Tensioner Assembly
550C-062 550C-062 Universal GSM Lower Tape Guide
0740C-0106 0740C-0106 Universal Precision Pro Tail Lock
551C-131 551C-131 Universal 12mm Inside Hub
551C-088 551C-088 Universal 12mm Outside Hub
0740C-0107 0740C-0107 Universal Tail Lock Retainer
550C-131 550C-131 Universal 8mm Inside Hub
103C-178 103C-178 Universal 24mm Take Up Wheel Sleeve
550C-070 550C-070 Universal Precision Pro Window Latch
0740C-0113 0740C-0113 Universal Precision Pro Tail Guide
0748A-0010 0748A-0010 Universal Precision Pro I/O Cable Slim
45635601 45635601 Universal GSM 44MM Scrap Guide
LPC-1190 LPC1190 Fuji CP-6 12mm Waste Tape Roller
MCB-0022 MCB0022 Fuji CP Series 12mm Tape Cover Pin
MCA-0222 MCA0222 Fuji CP Series 8mm Tape Cover Pin
MCB-0080 MCB0080 Fuji CP Series 12mm Waste Tape Roller
LPC-0381 LPC-0380 Fuji CP-6 7in. Pan Roller
AKJAC-9060 AKJAC-9060 Fuji CP-7 0.7 Tape Leaf Cover
MCB-0090 MCB-0092 Fuji CP Series 12mm Waste Tape Pin
GPC-0660 GPC-0662 Fuji CP Series 8mm Waste Tape Pin
WCC-0070 WCC-0070 Fuji CP Series 16mm Clutch Spring
MCA-0670 MCA-0670 Fuji CP-43 Clutch Spring
WCA-0900 WCA-0900 Fuji CP Series Fixed Side Reel Cap
550A-S16 550A-S16 Universal Precision Pro 8mm Outer Reel
AKJBC-7040 AKJBC-7040 Fuji 12mm Tape Leaf Cover
KW1-M459U-000 KW1-M459U-000 Assembleon CL 24mm Reel Cap
AMCB-3401 AMCB-3404 Fuji 12mm Tape Guide
WCB-0510 WCB-0510 Fuji CP Series 12mm Clutch Spring
MCA-0360 MCA-0360 Fuji 8mm Reel Pin
KJAC-0192 KJAC-0192 Fuji 8x2 0.7mm Tape Leaf Cover
KJAC-0561 KJAC-0561 CP 8mm Waste Tape Roller
MCC-0482 MCC-0482 Fuji CP Series 16mm Outer Reel Cap
LPC-1100 LPC-1100 Fuji CP Series 8x2 Clutch Spring
WCA-0700 WCA-0700 Fuji CP Series 8x4 Clutch Spring
46401100 46401100 GSM Tape Support
46401104 46401104 GSM Tape Support
043A-S97 043A-S97 Hover Davis 16-24mm Take Up Wheel
044A-S111 044A-S111 Hover Davis 32MM Take Up Wheel
MCA-0160 MCA-0160 Fuji CP-6 Feeder Spring
AWCA-4300 AWCA-4300 Fuji CP-6 Feeder Link Clutch
AWCA-3700 AWCA-3705 Fuji CP-6 Paper Feeder Link Clutch
048A-002 048A-002 MPTF Motor Controller Board
048A-010 048A-013 Universal Instruments Feeder MPU Cable
040A-S99 040A-S99 Control Panel
00301622 S 01 00301622 Siemens Belt Bin Plug
00301621-S-01 00301621-S-01 Belt Plug
AMCC-3100 AMCC-3107 Fuji 3.7mm Tape Leaf
45239613 45239616 8MM Paper Feeder Tape Support
AWCA-5001 AWCA-5002 1.0mm Tape Leaf Cover
WCA-0710 WCA-0713 Fuji CP Series Take Up Reel Assembly
MCA-0060 MCA0060 Fuji CP-6 Feeder Shoulder Bolt
AWCA-4510 AWCA4510 Fuji CP 6/7 Feeder Shoe
104851102005 104851102005 Panasonic MSR Mylar Wheel
S1021A S1021A E Clip for Fuji Feeders
AMCA-4301 AMCA-4302 Tape Guide for Fuji CP 6 Feeders 1.3MM
AKJAC9030 AKJAC9030 Fuji CP 6 Tape Guide 1.0MM
MCA-0833 MCA-0830 Fuji CP Series 8MM Outer Reel Cap
MCB-0393 MCB-0390 Fuji CP Series 12MM Outer Reel Cap