Complete Listing of SMT Spare Parts for nearly all makes and models of Surface Mount Technology Equipment

Makes include:
Fuji, Panasonic, Universal, Siemens, Mydata, Assembleon, Heller, BTU, Dek, MPM, Speedline, Electrovert and Vitronics


Computer Accessories

MFG Part Number OEMPartNumber Description
LTR-48327S LTR-48327S Lite-On CD-RW Drive
SC-152 SC-152 Samsung CD-ROM Drive
CRMC-FX4824T CRMC-FX4824T Mitsumi CD-ROM Drive
DBCA-203240 DBCA-203240 IBM Travelstar Hard Drive
MS9732FMD080Y N610134603AA Hitachi Solid State Drive
SDVD8820 SDVD8820 Toshiba DVD RW Bare Drive
FIS-0710-0037G FIS-0710-0037G Microscan Barcode Reader
KL1488 KL1488 Beckhoff 8 Channel Digital Input
KL2408 KL2408 Beckhoff 8 Channel Digital Output
KL9010 KL9010 Beckhoff Bus End Terminal
BK9000 BK9000 Beckhoff Ethernet Bus Coupler
D353M3 D353M3 Mitsumi 1.44MB Floppy Drive
F8E189 F8E189 Belkin Trackmaster Trackball
5186-2196G 64327 Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball
FIS-0710-0019 FIS-0710-0019 Microscan Bar Code Scanner
176135-VD0 FC-48-25 Hewlet Packard CD-ROM Drive
SC-148 SC-148 Samsung CD-ROM Drive
Z1DE-57A Z1DE-57A Citizen Z1D Floppy Drive
167550 00113 MicroSolutions Series 6 Driver
CRW4850 CRW4850 AOpen CD-RW Disc Drive
MPF920-E MPF920-E Sony Floppy Disk Drive
MI2W-D1561 00375536-01 Siemens Station Computer
10 445613 10 445613 LEICA MS5 Microscope Magnification Changer
03020668-01 03020668-01 Siemens 1 Wire Hub Module
00315253-03 00315253-03 Siemens Siplace Cleaning Tissue
90A301230 00377169-01 Datalogic OM-Dragon RF Base Charger
JU-257A607P JU-257A607P Panasonic Floppy Drive
RN1P944A205 VT-A202 Panasonic Coplanarity Check System
FIS-0610-0018 FIS-0610-0018 MicroScan Bar Code Reader
TB-350PS TB-350PS Sanwa Supply Track Ball
PC-SDD12B PC-SDD12B Contec 12MB SDD Hard Drive
FD-05HGS 19307597-50 Sanyo TPM-5100 Floppy Drive
HTS541080G9AT00 0A25434 MyData 80GB Hard Drive
B-5CYMP B-5CYMP Cyberoptics Mouse Trak
19307772-91 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5 Floppy Drive
CA01422-B321 M1626TAU Cyberoptics LSM Hard Drive
Datarase 2 Datarase2 Walling Company Datarase ACT 2 Eprom Eraser
P2813-015 P2813-015 Philips Telecommunication Data Keyboard
ADP-232 99-510007-01 Microscan RS232 Conversion Box
LT71 LT71 Worth RF Terminal
HC-7 HC-7FK16 Fuji CP-7 Handy Terminal
PSG400P-80 PSG400P-80 Channel Well Technology Power Supply
43328601 43328601 AMF Socket Head Flat Cable Assembly
61-120010-03 61-120010-03 Microscan Bar Code Reader
PC-SDD500H PC-SDD500H Contec SDD Silicon Disk Drive
MCU20S MCU20S Myers Condensate Unit
AFP03023 FPO-E8RS NAiS FPO Expansion Unit
AFP02343 FPO-C16T NAiS FPO Control Unit
DS2200 DS2200-2110 Datalogic Scanner System
41921601 41921601 Universal Instruments Hand Held Terminal
ADAM-4520 ADAM45-20 Adam RS-232 to RS-422 Converter
PANADAC 939-60-A PANADAC 939-60-A Panasonic MV2F I-F Unit
M30427-37-100 M30427-37-100 Panasonic MV2F Branch Box
931-02-A N1P93102A Panasonic MV2F Dot Matrix Printer
PFA-SW1002B PFA-SW1002B Panasonic Line Manager Node Controller
53300403 53300403 Durant Digital Counter
44631201 44631201 Universal DIP HD Rebuild Kit
19307772-40 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in Floppy Drive
19307332-01 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in Floppy Drive
ST351A/X ST351A/X Seagate 8-Bit IDE Hard Drive
19307754-29 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in Floppy Drive
1600 1600-RRR0II-0001-000 Gefran Microprocessor Controller
193077A4-29 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in Floppy Drive
193077A2-91 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in Floppy Drive
JU-475-5 JU-475-5AKO Panasonic 1.2 mb 5.25in Floppy Drive
19307775-29 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in. Floppy Drive
19307782-91 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in Floppy Drive
MPF920 MPF920 Sony 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
NT3615-401 NT3615-401 NEC Direct Thermal Printer
P935L-001-D P935L-001-D Panasonic MSR Sub Control Panel
SM100PQ-ACTEL SM100PQ-ACTEL Microsemi Actel Programming Adapter
SMPA-100TQ-ACTEL SMPA-100TQ-ACTEL Microsemi Actel Programming Adapter
SM80VQ-ACTEL SM80VQ-ACTEL Microsemi Actel Programming Adapter
CLV442-2010 CLV442-2010 SICK Optic Electronic Barcode Scanner
PG-38 PG-38 GME NTSC Pattern Generator
MPC V3.0 MPC V3.0 Cogiscan Multiplexer Controller
4796 4796 Universal HSP 4796L Software Disks
D3142 134-500558-631 Fuji MCS Hard Drive
DF354H068F DF354H068F ALPS Electric 3.5 Floppy Drive
804335-0000 P7222 MPM Trackball
19307765-29 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in. Floppy Drive
19307334-29 FD-235HF TEAC 3.5in. Floppy Drive
DVD-105S T5058E Fuji CP-7 Series DVD ROM Drive
D359T6 2-5064-023-00-0 Mitsumi 3.5 Floppy Drive
G84-4400PUBUS-0 G84-4400PUBUS-0 Cherry Corded Keyboard With Trackball
H90-5200 H90-5200 Fairbanks Scales Display
L-010-0347B L-010-0347B MyData CD-ROM External Encloser
702D-6238D 702D-6238D YE Data 3.5 Floppy Drive
VIT-001-80 VIT-001-80 EPROM
FIS-0820 MS-820 Microscan Bar Code Reader
MS-710 MS-710 Microscan Fixed Bar Code Reader
MID-KM064A 15949 Tipro ART Keypad
M2682SASM CA01237-b120 Fuji Hard Drive
J3128A J3128A HP Advance Stack Hub 8E
176200 176200 DEK Vortex Cassette
5100C P2354 Mini Keyboard For MPM Screen Printer
1747-PT1 1747-PT1 Allen Bradley SLC 500 Hand Held Terminal
C-BOX100 C-BOX 100 Datalogic Passive Connection Box
2031 2031 Datalogic Matrix Unattended 2D Scanner
1747-PIC 1747-PIC Allen Bradley Interface Converter
AMCSE AMCSE Cable for PSC Hand Scanner
EXM9 EXM-9 Disk Controller
5800 5800 Accu-Sort 5800 Flex Barcode Scanner Controller
30332-22350 10332-22000 Adept Tech Floppy Hard Drive Module
44555601 48526201 Universal GSM Keyboard
VS-310 FIS-0310-0012 Microscan Bar Code Scanner
45069501 45069501 Universal Instruments Vision Bypass Assembly
140465 140465 3.5in Floppy Drive
DS41-40 DS41-40 DataLogic Bar Code Reader
112754 112754 Keyboard for DEK Screen printers
DT225 44531502 Universal GSM Track Ball
995-65 995-65 Televideo Monitor for Fuji MCS 30 Controllers
(1P)50000710-01 50000710-01 Digi Box AccelePort 16P DB25M DTE COM Port Expansion
(1P)50001078-01 50001078-01 Digi Box 16em 232 CR2 DB 120K COM Port Expansion
(1P)50000478 50000478 Digi Box PC/8em DB 25 COM Port Expansion - 8 Ports
IB-151 99-000009-01 Microscan IB-151
45475008 47719702 Hard Drive Kit for Universal Machine
193077C5-29 FD-235HF TEAC MCS-30 3.5in. Floppy Drive
19307500-00 FD-155GF MCS 5.25Inch Floppy Drive
D2682SAM D2682SAM 340MB MCS30 hard drive
M1603SAU CA01310-B131 MCS30 Hard Drive
D3856 134-500986-292 NEC Hard Drive