Complete Listing of SMT Spare Parts for nearly all makes and models of Surface Mount Technology Equipment

Makes include:
Fuji, Panasonic, Universal, Siemens, Mydata, Assembleon, Heller, BTU, Dek, MPM, Speedline, Electrovert and Vitronics



MFG Part Number OEMPartNumber Description
CA-372 CA-372 MPM Camera Cable
44910101 44910101 Universal Instruments Camera Cable Assembly
46349001 46349001 Universal Instruments Camera Interface Cable Assembly
44910108 44910111 Universal Instruments Camera Cable Assembly
44910107 44910110 Universal Insrtruments Cable Assembly Front Camera
49346801 49346801 Universal Instruments Fiducial Interface Cable Assembly
45883902 45883902 Universal Instruments Cable Assembly Smema To Smpi
45324903 45324903 Universal Instruments Cable SMPI Reduced Signal
47749301 47749301 Universal Instruments Keyboard Extension Cable Assembly
45883903 45883903 Universal Instruments Cable Asembly Fuji To Smpi
46513301 46513301 Universal Instruments Vacuum Board Support Cable
CPEH-2572 CPEH-2572 Fuji Camera Cable
CCXC-12P05 CCXC-12P05 Sony Camera Cable
114279 114279 DEK 8PL58 To 10PL16 Cable
114276 114276 DEK NEC Camera Cable
45559001 45559001 Universal Instruments Elevator Cable
WEH-9480 WEH-9480 Fuji CP-6 Z Axis Encoder Cable
60568-0030 60567-3030 STI Safety Light Curtain Cables
00369860-01 00369860-01 Siemens S2X Modular Head Ribbon Cable
00313401-02 00313401-02 Siemens Limit Switch Motor Cable
03004333-01 03004333-01 Siemens Flat Ribbon Cable Set
00377155-01 00377155-01 Siemens RF Scanner RS232 Cable
00119030-01 00119030-01 Siemens Feeder Table Extension Cable HS-50
00321554-03 00321554-03 Siemens Gantry Cable (X-Track-CanBus)
00321556-03 00321556-03 Siemens Gantry Cable
00321555-04 00321555-04 Siemens Gantry Cable (DP1-Axis)
00321553-03 00321553-03 Siemens Gantry Cable (Head Axes)
00321550-03 00321550-03 Siemens Gantry Camera Ribbon Cable
00321557-03 00321557-03 Siemens X Motor Ribbon Cable
00321558-03 00321558-03 Siemens X Axis Gantry Ribbon Cable
03026242-01 03026242-01 Siemens X-Series Flap Switch
00369755-01 00369755-01 Siemens Cable for HS50 Modular Head
00377140-01 00377140-01 Siemens Y-Gantry Cable Pull Relief
00322259-01 00322259-01 Siemens Cable DP1-Axis
00346192-02 00346192-02 Siemens Ribbon Cable Set
00383297-01 00383297-01 Siemens Ribbon Cable
00315977-01 00315977-01 Siemens Protection Hose
00322262-01 00322262-01 Siemens X Axis Motor Ribbon Cable
00322265-02 00322265-01 Siemens Gantry Ribbon Cable
00322257-01 00322257-01 Siemens Head Axis Ribbon Cable
00322264-01 00322264-01 Siemens Ribbon Cable for X Axis
00322261-01 00322261-01 Siemens Ribbon Cable for Portal Star Z Axis
00322258-01 00322258-01 Siemens Ribbon Cable For Portal Can Bus
CAR50N-B 00324092-01 Simens Hand Scanner Cable Set
00322256-01 00322256-01 Siemens Ribbon Cable For Portal
00350062-01 00350062-01 Siemens Component Table Cable Harness
JZSP-CMS00-1 K4010W Yaskawa Servo Pendant Cable
47103901 47103901 Universal Instruments Continuity Cable Assembly
SIQ-1190 SIQ-1190 Fuji IP-3 Parts Camera Cable Assembly
SP-743 UCSM-4092 Universal Instruments Inside Inspection Cable
SP-744C UCSM-4093 Universal Instruments Outside Inspection Cable
SJC-3040 SJC-3040 Fuji Monitor Cable
4.0113.075.0 4.0113.075.0 Servo Encoder Cable
46349101 46349101 Universal Instruments Cam Control Cable
44289901 44289901 Universal Instruments Switch and Cable Assembly
WEH-9910 WEH-9910 Fuji CP6 Wide View Camera Cable
46350901 46350901 Universal Instruments VIS ADPT Cable Assembly
WEH-8570 WEH-8570 Fuji Amp To Encoder Cable
40479901 40479901 Universal Instruments E-stop Cable 1 Assembly
47307703 47307703 Universal Instruments Continuity Cable Assy
L01060 42068601 Universal Instruments Light Source
41536702 41536702 Universal Instruments Head 1 Cable Assembly
43328201 43328201 Universal Instruments DIP HD Flat Cable
46178401 46178401 Universal Instruments Continuity Cable
44780101 44780101 Universal GSM Keyboard Adapter Cable
44763801 44763801 Universal GSM PEC Camera Cable
KHEH-1250 KHEH1250 Fuji KDE Feeder Harness Cable
43604902 43604902 Universal Instruments Photowitch Cable Assembly
42963901 42963901 Universal GSM RMT Sense Cable
YEH-9380 YEH-9380 Fuji Z Axis Servo Motor Power Cable
YEH-9390 YEH-9390 Fuji Z Axis Servo Motor Power Cable
YEH-9480 YEH-9480 Fuji Z Axis Encoder Cable
DBEH-7040 DBEH-7040 Fuji QP-341 MFU Connector Cable
47871601 47871601 Camera Cable Assembly
SIQ-1730 SIQ-1737 Fuji IP-3 X Axis Cable
WEH-9690 WEH-9690 Fuji CP-642 Power Cable
WEH-9680 WEH-9680 Fuji CP642 Power Cable
135118 135118 DEK Wiring Harness
135120 135120 DEK VGA Cable
EE-2002 EE-2002 OMRON PNP to NPN Converter
CA-1194 CA-1194 MPM Camera Cable
P4797 P4797 MPM Vision Power Supply Cable
L-029-0198 L-029-0198 Mydata Z-fi Cable
180760-02 180760-02 National Instruments MXi Bus Cable
180760-01 180760-01 National Instruments MXi Bus Cable
MXI-182801A-002 182801A-002 National Instruments Cable
M1-180758-02 180758-02 National Instruments Bus Cable
CA-1192 CA-1192 MPM Camera Cable
CA-162 CA-162 MPM Wiring Cable Harness
1747-C10 1747-C10 Allen Bradley Communication Cable
36885-002 36885-002 Quad Camera Cable
L-019-0275D L-019-0275D Mydata XVS Vacuum System Cable
CS2N9MF-50 CS2N9MF D-Sub Cable, DB9 Male -Female
CS2H15MF-15 CS2H15MF D-Sub Cable, HD15 Male-Female
10833A 10833A HP IEEE 488 GPIB Cable
10833B 10833B HP IEEE 488 GPIB Cable
10833D 10833D HP IEEE 488 GPIB Cable
C200HS-CN220-EU C200HS-CN220-EU OMRON Cable Assembly
1689125-1 1689125-1 Tyco Press Servo Motor Power Cable
1689125-1 1689125-1 Tyco Press Encoder Cable
P4803 P4803 MPM Camera Cable
1001670 1001670 MPM Camera Cable
2245-4700 2245-4700 JBC Desoldering Handpiece
P1509 P1509 MPM Camera Cable
RHC3XP-1.2-SJ 34578-002 Cable
CA-491/C CA-491/C MPM Wiper Limit Sensor Cable
SIQ-1810 SIQ-1810 Fuji IP-3 Fidicual Camera Cable
47540101 47540101 Universal Instruments Camera Cable Assembly
44158101 44158101 Universal Instruments Mmit Flat Cable
51276301 47560502 Universal Instruments Ribbon Cable
TL-W3MC2 47166501 RI Limit Cable
45242301 45242301 Universal Instruments Serial Cable
45478301 45478301 Universal GSM Stepper Cable
45172701 45172701 Universal Nozzle Interface Cable
45242302 45242302 Serial Cable
44713601 44713601 Universal GSM Communication Cable
44486603 44486603 Universal GSM E-Stop Cable
108572 108572 Wire Harness Assembly
45679902 45679902 Universal Disk LT Cable Assembly
45882501 45882501 SMEMA  R/L Cable Assembly
47846201 47846201 Universal DC Power Cable Assembly
46970101 46970101 Universal Instruments PTF SIO Cable
45172601 45172601 Universal Nozzle Changer Cable
46970001 46970001 PTF Cable Assembly
44486604 44486604 E-Stop Cable
46751301 46751301 PTF Power Cable
AWEC6800 AWEC-6800 Fuji Cable Harness
48646201 48646202 Mmit Rptr Cable Assy
47912001 47912001 Encoder Adapter Cable Assembly
47689604C 47689604 FlexJet Cable Kit
47540102 47540102 Universal Instruments Cam Interface Cable
47560601 47560601 Universal Instruments Cable Assembly
45104803 45104803 Universal Instruments Mmint Cable Assembly
46551802 46551802 Universal Instruments Hybrid Flex Cable
47846301 47846301 I/O Cable Assembly
47865601 47865601 Cable Extension Assembly
46566305 46566305 Universal Instruments Axis Cable Assembly
47543001 47543001 Control Cable Assembly
47543801 47543801 Encoder Cable Assembly
WEH-9980 WEH9980 Harness
BHEH-8280 BHEH-8280 Fuji Cable
BHEH-5110 BHEH-5110 Fuji Cable
WEH-9720 WEH-9720 Fuji CRT Out Cable
SIP-7530 SIP-7530 Fuji IP Theta Encoder Cable
SJC-9073 SJC-9030 Fuji MCS Printer Cable
WEH-9390 WEH-9390 Fuji Z Axis Power Cable
BHEH-5560 BHEH-5560 Fuji Wiring Harness
V31-GM-YE2M-PVC V31-GM-YE2M-PVC Sensor Cable
45887201 45887201 SMEMA Adapter Kit
44297105 44297101 Cable Adjust Stop
6300377 6300377 Cyberoptics Laser Lead Sensor Cable
45534401 45534401 Feeder Cable Assembly Used for Universal GSM
44411006 44411006 Universal Instruments Wire Rope
SKP-1540 SKP-1540 Fuji Cable Assembly
SKP-1260 SKP-1260 Fuji Cable Assembly
SKP-1640 SKP-1642 Fuji Cable Assembly
140997 140997 DEK Screen Printer Harness
140874 140874 DEK Screen Printer Harness with E-Chain
144503 144503 DEK Screen Printer Cable
118900 118900 DEK Screen Printer Cable
131056 131056 DEK Screen Printer Cable
131257 131257 DEK Screen Printer Cable Assembly
118902 118902 DEK PC Cable
140954 140954 DEK Screen Printer Harness
135149 135149 DEK 265 X & Y Cable Assembly with E-Chain
155852 155852 DEK Screen Printer E-Stop Cable Assembly
129486 129486 DEK Screen Printer Cable
131055 131055 DEK Screen Printer Cable
SKP-5040 SKP-5041 Fuji IP-2 MFU Cable
SIQ-6020 SIQ-6020 Fuji IP-3 MFU Cable
155610 155610 DEK Camera X Encoder Cable
DBEC-2811 DBEC-2810 Fuji Cable Assembly
BHEH-6050 BHEH6050 Fuji Cable Harness
SKP6850 SKP6850 Fuji CP3 Cable
PCD-2413-02-D24SP PCD-2413-02-D24SP Fuji IP-2 Air Cylinder Valve
K40172 K40172 Ring Light Cable
FU-59 (2000) H3007H Keyence Fiber Unit
K4013A MX8598 Toshiba Camera Cable
DBEH4261 DBEH-4261 Fuji Wiring Harness
DBEH-4251 DBEH4251 Fuji Wiring Harness
DBEH4621 DBEH-4621 Fuji Wiring Harness
BHEH6663 BHEH-6663 Fuji Wiring Harness
BHEH-8010 BNEH8010 Fuji Communication Cable
P1209-94 TTHH1170 FUJI CABLE
EEHH1180 EEHH-1180 Fuji Wiring Harness
EEHH-1170 EEHH1170 Fuji Wiring Harness